A Tourist in a New City

JournŽes du Patrimoine Paris

So you’ve just arrived in a new city. Everything looks strange and new. You’re tired and overwhelmed with all the unfamiliar sights. Don’t worry; panicking won’t get you anywhere. Just remember that this is a whole new adventure and there are a lot of things in store for you. What’s next in your agenda? Relax. … [Read more…]

Why Traveling is Good for You

Happy couple

They say that wines are good for your health, dark chocolates and apples, too. But why is traveling good for you? It gives you flexibility It gives you flexibility, not in terms of your body being bent in various angles, but flexibility which refers to your mind. You may have prepared fail-safe plans and foolproof … [Read more…]

Why Travel Alone?

The Famous Bromo

 If someone asks you why you choose to travel alone, ask them, ‘Why not?’. Traveling is not meant for couples, groups or families alone — single people can also partake in the enjoyment of traveling. Going back to the original question, why do people prefer to travel alone? Various reasons pop up on the list: … [Read more…]

Traveling? Cross these Foods Out of Your List

Mushroom Swiss Burger @ Chili's

It’s sure fun and exciting to prepare for travel, especially if it’s a vacation that you’ve long planned for. You got your clothes packed, toiletries ready, and documents stored. Everything’s set – you’re just waiting for the flight. You suddenly got hungry. Poor you. Something can be done, though: you can still munch on some … [Read more…]